Posted in November 2012

Instagram Launches Web Profile Pages (via Socialbrite)

  Did you know that Instagram profiles on the Web are now live? Until now, all interactions on Instagram (purchased by Facebook earlier this year) took place entirely on smartphones. Profiles are only for the purpose of viewing, commenting on, and liking photos. Snapping, creating, and sharing photos is still mobile-only as if to preserve the simplicity and … Continue reading

How Foundations Use Social Media (A Study by Fenton Communications)

Fenton Communications recently facilitated a survey of communications directors at major foundations about their relationships with social media. Although the sample size was small, Fenton found the survey results illustrative of the larger foundation community. Here are some of the highlights: Foundations spend an average of 4.4 hours/week on social media efforts. None have a … Continue reading

Tips to Engage Baby Boomers and Seniors Through Social Media (via frogloop, care2’s nonprofit marketing blog:

Care2 recently held an information packed webinar Engaging Baby Boomers and Seniors through Social Media with panelists Gina Pagliaro, Immersion Active, Jen Smith from AARP, and Molly Connors from Care2. Connors kicked off the webinar highlighting useful Boomer statistics. They control over 80% of personal financial assets. 50% of all consumer spending is from Boomers. … Continue reading