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10 Tips for Creating Photos that Tell Stories (via socialbrite)

Get supporters involved by sharing your story through pictures The Internet is slowly but surely becoming one big picture book. Instagram and Pinterest have grown at astronomical rates precicely because they allow people to easily create, curate and share pictures. And Facebook has placed more importance on pictures, with cover images, full screen viewing and newsfeed preferences. Photos are huge but simply posting … Continue reading

Twitter vs. Instagram: The Showdown in an Infographic (via mashable)

It’s been three months since Instagram killed support for Twitter cards, yet we still regularly hear complaints about the newfound hassle in tweeting your ‘grams: “Tragic,” the chorus goes. “So lame.” Until early December, Twitter users could view Instagram photos within Twitter itself thanks to the microblogging network’s media-friendly expanding content cards. Then one day, they couldn’t— having instead to … Continue reading

Instagram Launches Web Profile Pages (via Socialbrite)

  Did you know that Instagram profiles on the Web are now live? Until now, all interactions on Instagram (purchased by Facebook earlier this year) took place entirely on smartphones. Profiles are only for the purpose of viewing, commenting on, and liking photos. Snapping, creating, and sharing photos is still mobile-only as if to preserve the simplicity and … Continue reading