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5 Reasons an Online Calendar is the Best Ambassador for Nonprofits (via nonprofit information)

Nonprofits rely on dedicated employees and volunteers to provide services, support causes and spread the word. A good employee or volunteer serves as an ambassador, promoting the nonprofit’s mission and engaging with the community. Turns out your nonprofit can have a great ambassador who will work days, nights, and weekends – online social calendars. Robust … Continue reading

How to Create a Custom Snapcode for Your Nonprofit (via nonprofit tech for good)

Snapchat is a mobile app where users share snaps with one another, but unlike other visual social networks, the snaps disappear once they are viewed. Launched in 2011, many nonprofits have been hesitant to experiment with a mobile social network where content disappears and where no traditional “Follow” functionality exists. But with 100 million daily active users and the … Continue reading

How Multi-Chapter Nonprofits Can Create a Consistent Brand on Social Media (via nonprofit tech for good)

All medium and large nonprofits with multiple chapters eventually experience a unique, but common problem in their mobile and social media campaigns. Quite often their chapters created Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts before the state, national, or international office was ready to move forward with mobile and social media, or also common, the head office … Continue reading

HOW TO: Add a “Donate Now” Button to Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Page (via nonprofit tech for good)

For years nonprofits have hoped for the capability to accept donations through their Facebook Page and although Facebook recently added a “Donate Now” option to their call-to-action buttons, only a handful of partner nonprofits have been selected to accept Facebook digital payments through a “Donate” button (see Oxfam America). For the vast majority of nonprofits, charities, … Continue reading

Seeking the Killer App? You Already Have It—Your Website (via the nonprofit marketing blog)

Way back when, when social media was newish—let’s say 2007—I used this classic baseball analogy to illustrate how social media fit into the communications universe. Your website is your nonprofit’s online home base, with email as pitcher (no hits without the pitcher). Core social media platforms (now Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) as inside bases. Other … Continue reading

How to Live Tweet: An Overview (via guidestar blog)

On May 1-3, I had the privilege of attending the Office Depot Foundation’s Weekend In Boca VII Civil Society Leadership Symposium alongside two fellow GuideStar colleagues– Lindsay Nichols, marketing and communications senior director, and Debra Snider, vice president of operations. This event, hosted by the Office Depot Foundation, “gives nonprofit professionals, board members and volunteers an … Continue reading

How To Track Your Twitter Engagement (via frogloop)

Nonprofits have been able to track gather important data about their audiences interactions with their website via Google Analytics. Facebook pages have also offered some insightful data on audience engagement. Twitter has been a bit late to the party, providing very limited data unless you invested in their ad platform. Just recently however Twitter rolled … Continue reading