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Optimize Your Social Presence With These App-on-App Strategies (via mashable)

Wherever social media goes, hundreds of apps will follow. There’s a major trend in the tech world to build partnering apps for outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Each platform has dozens of outsider tools that revolve around optimizing your experience. They tell you who to follow, schedule your posts and generally organize your day-to-day social activity. But … Continue reading

4 Facebook Apps to Raise Funds for Your Cause (via Socialbrite)

Facebook recently recommended four fundraising applications that keep fundraising inside of Facebook. What’s great about these applications is that they leverage the strength of Facebook by encouraging donors to share your fundraiser with others, see friends who have also donated, and make fundraising transactions more frictionless. Justgiving: Share your donation 1. justgiving is a UK-based fundraising platform where … Continue reading

Instagram Benefits for Nonprofit Fundraising and Supporter Engagement (via Miratel Solutions)

Despite it being passed Labour Day and the summer warmth dwindling, our Social Media Summer series geared towards non-profit fundraising and engagement is still going strong. So strong that’s we’ll probably continue it throughout the year (although we’ll probably have to drop the summer at some point). So far, we’ve covered the larger social media platforms including … Continue reading

Facebook, Gates Foundation Team Up to Create Apps For Future College Students (via Mashable)

 Facebook hosted a hackathon in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Thursday, kicking off the foundation’s College Knowledge Challenge — a $2.5 million investment fund to encourage developers to make apps that meliorate the college process. Thursday’s Hackathon, “HackEd,” aimed to mesh the digital Facebook crowd with the Gates’ altruistic mission in hopes … Continue reading