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How to Raise $1 Million on Kickstarter (via socialbrite)

Let’s go back in time five years to 2007. You’ve got a great idea to build a watch with built-in Bluetooth, allowing you to control and access your phone or tablet from your wrist. Unfortunately, you’re a relatively broke hobby designer working a 9 to 5 technology job. How do you proceed? Call up your … Continue reading

Indiegogo Expands International Crowdfunding Features (via Mashable)

Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform used to raise millions of dollars for thousands of campaigns around the world, announced several international expansions on Wednesday. The expansions, which include new currencies, languages and localized homepages, aim to provide more customized and efficient experiences for international users. As of this week, campaigners and contributors using Indiegogo can raise … Continue reading

4 Facebook Apps to Raise Funds for Your Cause (via Socialbrite)

Facebook recently recommended four fundraising applications that keep fundraising inside of Facebook. What’s great about these applications is that they leverage the strength of Facebook by encouraging donors to share your fundraiser with others, see friends who have also donated, and make fundraising transactions more frictionless. Justgiving: Share your donation 1. justgiving is a UK-based fundraising platform where … Continue reading