Posted in June 2013

Thanks for Asking (via npengage)

Our commercial counterparts have largely embraced the concept of asking customers about their experience: Rent a car, fly on a plane, go to your bank, and you are likely to get a feedback survey. But what about the nonprofit space? Many of us appreciate how insight into our constituents’ interests and behaviors improves our ability … Continue reading

Should Organizations Be Sassy On Social Media? (via frogloop)

It’s no secret that social media has experienced incredible growth over the last couple of years. 67% of online adults use social networks, according to Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project. In addition, almost all nonprofits have a social media presence. Unfortunately, the old rule – good content is still king, seems to have been … Continue reading

How to Transform Your Social Media Connections Into Real-Life Relationships (via hubspot)

Building relationships in social media isn’t easy. It isn’t second nature, and it takes a ton of time. But if done right, solid social media relationships can be very helpful in developing and maintaining strong “real-life” relationships. There’s even data to prove it. A study conducted by The Pew Internet & American Life Project revealed that 91% of people use … Continue reading

What the Latest Online Trends Mean for Your Cause (via katya’s nonprofit marketing blog)

This week, Mary Meeker presented the 2013 Internet Trends report during the All Things Digital D11 conference. Meeker’s report is consistently a treasure trove of data, trends and opportunities within the digital world. This type of insight is incredibly useful for nonprofit fundraisers as we navigate how to effectively engage and inspire supporters in a rapidly changing … Continue reading