Posted in January 2013

How to Bring Integrated Marketing to Life for Your Nonprofit (via npENGAGE –

For years agencies and nonprofits have been preaching about integrated marketing. Some of the most effective integrated organizations that we know are those that have a dedicated human resource to ensure integration is happening. An integrated marketing manager is responsible for ensuring that opportunities for integration are taking place throughout the organization; in every email, classic … Continue reading

Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Fundraising (via npENGAGE –

It’s 2013.  As a nonprofit focused on online fundraising, you’ve likely started making resolutions to improve, diversify or broaden your fundraising efforts.  As you plan or refine your fundraising strategy, I challenge you to consider these three simple changes to improve the results of your online giving! And don’t fret. These tips are easy and completely … Continue reading

Adapt or Die. New Rulings on Social Media in the Workplace and What They Mean for Nonprofit Organizations. (via Know Your Own Bone: a resource for creative engagement in museums and cultural centers

It’s no secret that some nonprofit organizations have been defensive about allowing folks to interact or “contribute” to the organization’s reputation or area of expertise online. (This terror is the basis of recent discussions regarding radical trust, for instance.) And, in a way, the terror makes sense from more traditionally minded members of the workplace – … Continue reading

Will Nonprofits Raise Money on Social Media in 2013? (via salsa labs and originally published on care2’s frogloop blog –

  As you have probably experienced yourself, raising money for your nonprofit campaign on social media is like pulling teeth. According to the 2012 Nonprofit benchmark Social Network Benchmarking Report, 98% of nonprofits didn’t raise a dime on Facebook, which is the second most trafficked site on the web in the U.S. About 2% of … Continue reading

First-Ever Video Benchmarks Survey for Nonprofits (via frogloop – care2’s nonprofit marketing blog)

According to YouTube, 100 million people either like, share, or comment on videos every week. But what kind of a direct impact do these “social actions” really have, especially for nonprofits? Are people who like or comment on these videos signing up for organization’s enewsletters, are they donating money, volunteering, taking an advocacy action? These … Continue reading