HOW TO: Add a “Donate Now” Button to Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Page (via nonprofit tech for good)

For years nonprofits have hoped for the capability to accept donations through their Facebook Page and although Facebook recently added a “Donate Now” option to their call-to-action buttons, only a handful of partner nonprofits have been selected to accept Facebook digital payments through a “Donate” button (see Oxfam America). For the vast majority of nonprofits, charities, and NGOs worldwide the ability to accept digital payments on Facebook is unlikely anytime soon since it would require Facebook to invest significant time and financial resources into creating a process to validate the legal status of the millions of nonprofits that have a Facebook Page.

That said, in less than a minute your nonprofit can now have a “Donate Now” button (see Humane Society International) on your Facebook Page (provided your Facebook Page category is set to “Non-Profit Organization”) that can be linked to the donate page on your website, and if in time Facebook’s 1.49 billion active users become accustomed to using the button and are not detoured by the “Not endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook” pop-up, then the new button could be helpful in your online fundraising campaigns. The initial impact is likely to be minimal because as all online fundraisers well know, a “Donate Now” button does not in and of itself result in online donations, but storytelling via Facebook status updates merged with a Facebook “Donate Now” button could be a winning combination. Just make sure the donation page on your website is well-designed, easy to use, and mobile compatible since a staggering 1.31 billion of Facebook’s active users are mobile.

Step 1: Select “Edit call to action” on your Facebook Page.

donate now 1

Step 2: Select the “Donate Now” button.

donate now 2

Step 3: Insert link to your nonprofit’s donate page.

donate now 3

Step 4: Test “Donate Now” button on your Facebook Page.

donate now 4Read the full post on Nonprofit Tech for Good>>

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