10 Facebook Page Best Practices for Nonprofits (via nonprofit tech for good)

Facebook Pages Best PracticesWith more than 1 billion active users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. More than two-thirds of its users log in every day and three-fourths do so on a mobile device. Without a doubt your nonprofit’s supporters use Facebook on a regular basis. Therefore, Facebook Pages should be your first priority and entry into social networking. but to stand out from the other 50 million pages regularly active and all vying for likes, comments, and shares, you must excel at Facebook in order to stand out from the clutter and the 10 best practices below will ensure your nonprofit is on the right path.

1. Invest in quality graphic design for your Avatar (a.k.a. Profile Picture), Timeline Cover, and Tab Icons.

First impressions are very important on social networks. To maximize the Likes of your page, invest in quality graphic design.




2. Turn on “Similar Page Suggestions” to increase your Likes.

Under Settings > Similar Page Suggestions, tic the box to include your page when Facebook recommends similar pages. This simple tweak could become your greatest source of new Likes.

page recommendations



3. Post on Saturday and Sunday mornings using the native scheduling function.

Engagement is highest on Saturday and Sunday mornings and thanks to Facebook’s native scheduling function your nonprofit can easily schedule weekend posts in advance.


4. Prioritize uploading photos over posting links.

Research consistently demonstrates that photos receive more engagement than any other type of post – despite Facebook’s insistence otherwise.


5. Occasionally “Pin to Top” popular Updates.

To bring attention to popular and important posts already shared, pin it to the top of your page.

Pin to Top 1


Pin to Top 2

6. Enable fans to send you direct messages.

If your nonprofit has the capacity to engage with fans via direct messages, turn on the messaging functionality in your settings.




7. Have more than one Admin for your Page.

To protect your nonprofit from losing access to its page, have at least two Admins with full privileges. You can view the administrative privileges of various roles here.

Facebook Admin

8. Add an address to your page to add Facebook Location.

To enable fans to check-in to your page and thus share your page with their fans when they check-in, add your physical address to your page

Missouri Botanical Garden

check in



9. Add Facebook icons to your website and/or and e-newsletter.

To increase the Likes of your page, prominently feature Facebook icons above the fold on your website and/or blog and e-newsletter.

icons on blog

icons on enewsletter

10. Experiment with Facebook Events.

When fans RSVP “Join” to a Facebook Event, the event is added to their Facebook calendar and fans are also notified the day of the event to increase attendance. Be sure to add a link to your Facebook Event when promoting events on your website and/or blog and e-newsletter to increase RSVPs.

HRC Campaign JPEG


facebook eventsRead the full post on Nonprofit Tech for Good >>

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