3 Ways To Grow Your Email List (via social media today)

Email marketing is a valuable tool in your personal branding strategy, but you may be wondering how you can find the right subscribers for your list. Here are three types of activities you can implement that will attract people to your email list – and your personal brand.

#1: Host an online challenge

An online challenge is when participants agree to accomplish certain tasks during a specific period of time. Typically, online challenges last 30 days, but don’t let that restrict you. Even a 14-day challenge will do the trick!

Create an online challenge that helps people accomplish a specific goal and positions you as an expert who helps them achieve their objectives.  For example, if you are a photographer, host a 30-day challenge where people can improve their photography skills. Or, if you are a social media consultant, create a challenge where people learn to use Facebook for marketing. Once you decide on a topic, create a landing page that requires people to enter their email address to participate in the challenge. Bonus Tip: Start a private Facebook group just for your challenge participants so they can network and ask you questions.

#2: Host a webinar

Another type of event that attracts your ideal customers is a free webinar. Research a topic that will answer your audience’s top question. Like with the online challenge, set up a landing page about your webinar and have people register by providing an email address. Make sure to offer a recording of your webinar in case people can’t make the live event. Also, write a post-webinar email to thank your new subscribers for participating.

Don’t forget: Co-hosting challenges with another expert is a great way to diversify your webinar offering. When you pair up with an expert with a big email list, you will be exposed to her email list too.

#3: Offer a special, one-time gift

Offering a fantastic free gift on your homepage is a way to perpetually attract new subscribers, but don’t forget to offer other gifts during the year as well. When creating your marketing plan and calendar, consider adding two additional gifts throughout the year. If you need help determining what to offer, consider the time of year. A free gift in December could be holiday themed, or consider a “back to school” gift to your audience after Labor Day.

Like with the online challenge and webinar, the key is to create a landing page where you require people to register with their email address. Once they plug in their email address, use an autoresponder to email the free gift to them.

Email marketing is best accomplished when you keep it top of mind. Remember the acronym, A.B.C. (Always Be Collecting). Look for fun and creative ways to entice your ideal customers to your email list through hosting online events or webinars, or offering a free, one-time gift. When you experiment with different ways to attract subscribers, your email list will grow exponentially, and your personal brand will benefit as a result.


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