How Does your Donation Page Stack Up? (via nonprofit marketing blog)

If you didn’t see the online fundraising results you were hoping for in 2013—or you’d like to do even better this year, Network for Good has a new tool that can help. The Donation Page Grader will help you assess your donation page so you can see if you’re getting the most out of your online efforts. Take this short quiz to get your donation page grade and suggested resources to help you take your online fundraising to the next level. Click the image below to get started.

Donation Page Grader

See how you fare and come back and share your results. Then, consider these three basic requirements any online donation experience should satisfy:

1. It should make giving easy.  This can’t be stressed enough, so we’ll say it again and again. Don’t make your donors think too hard about giving to your organization. This includes enabling your supporters to quickly interact via mobile and social: does your donation page offer donors easy ways to give and share on the go?

2. It should keep donors in the moment of giving.  When a prospective donor lands on your donation page, each component should reinforce their decision to give while making it quick and easy to complete their donation. This means it should closely match your nonprofit’s branding, campaign materials, and message. Make your donation page an extension of the conversation you’re having with your potential donors so there’s no disconnect.

3. It should help start your donor’s relationship with you off right.  Donor retention really begins before a donation is made. If it’s confusing, difficult, or frustrating to give to your cause, you’re not starting your donor’s experience with your organization on a positive note. Your donation page should also help you quickly thank donors with a powerful post-donation experience and email acknowledgement, plus give you the information you need to cultivate these supporters over time.


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