2 Ways to Boost the Results of your Fundraising Appeals (via the non-profit marketing blog)

In the latest Fundraising is Beautiful podcast, fundraising veterans Jeff Brooks and Steven Screen answer the question, “How many appeals should you send?” They highlight the importance of not only the number of appeals you send, but what those appeals contain. Here are the two key elements:

1) Frequency: Nonprofits are often afraid to send too many appeals, but the more you send, the more you raise. While there is likely a threshold of how many is “too many” for your audience, it’s unlikely that your organization is anywhere close to that point.

2) Relevancy: Instead of blasting your supporters with the same message on repeat, take the time to optimize your appeals to speak to the reasons why donors are giving to your cause. Segment your list into key groups, then personalize your message to fit each. This is especially important when reaching out to those who have already given to your cause—the message they receive should be different than the one you’re sending to a brand-new contact.

For more insight on the right way to reach out to your donors, listen to the full podcast for tips from Jeff and Steven.

View the full post on The Non-Profit Marketing Blog>>

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