Organizations: Learn to Connect the Dots [infographic] (via frogloop)

A new study of 244 nonprofit participants by Avectra and NTEN show that nonprofit organizations are either tracking a lot of engagement metrics ranging from email open rates to activity on Facebook or don’t do it all. Unfortunately, many of the organizations tracking engagement metrics are not applying the data to make informed decisions about their programming, online strategy, fundraising, and outreach.

1 in 10 survey participants said the reason that their organization did not measure correlation was because they did not how to determine it related to fundraising, event participation, donor retention, etc. Another reason why organizations may not be focused on measuring the correlation is due to limited staff capacity. 80% said they had less than 1 FT staffer focusing on this work. This is one of the reasons why a social CRM system like Small Act can be helpful to nonprofits. About 25% of the organizations said they would invest in a social CRM or related product to help collect and analyze this data.

Check out some of the highlights in their infographic based on survey data.

  • 88% of organizations track email open rates.
  • 86% of organizations track Facebook activity and 72% track mentions on Twitter.
  • 69% track sharing and their social media reach.

When organizations were asked what kind of an impact these metrics had on their strategic outcomes.

  • 23% measured it in connection with their free events.
  • 20% measured it in connection with their open rates.
  • And from a social media perspective 16% said that that they measured it in connection with their organizational Facebook page.

Read the full post at Frogloop>>

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