Mobile Apps to Get Stuff Done on the Go (via socialbrite)

Smarten up your smartphone with Voxer, EDict & more

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Now, have a look below. Have you used any of these apps on your iPhone or Android? Have a different favorite instead? Please share!


Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT: Turn your phone into a walkie-talkie

1) The app: Voxer Walkie-Talkie PTT, a free messenger app that turns your smartphone into a walkie-talkie.
Cost: Free
Use it: Any time you’d like to inject voice, text and/or photos with a group (or individual. Use it to quickly coordinate a plan or comment on an event.
Platforms: Apple iOS, Android.
First impressions: Adds personality, tone and emotion to a conversation, elements that don’t always come through in text. Message is not intrusive. No video capability. App taps your data account (unless you have wifi), not SMS. Integrates with Facebook and address book contacts. (Note: this is not the Voxer for Business app which is in beta and by invite only.)

EDict logo

EDict: Send an audio message

2) The appEDict Communicator

Cost: Free (for a limited time)
Use it: Send an audio message to one of your three core contacts (e.g. your assistant or husband), and it shows up in their email inbox (you get a copy, too).
Platform: iOS.
First impressions: In terms of productivity, sometimes it’s easier to flag a message for follow-up when it comes in via email. Eliminating the worry about long distance or international rates, this is perfect for the on-the-go exec who travels a lot. Voice delivers a personal feel where tone can more easily come across — a nice alternative to regular email or voice mail.


inTooch: Keep in touch

3) The appinTooch, a mobile app that allows people to easily and quickly stay in touch with personal and business contacts.
Cost: Free.
Use it: To make digital & social connections with people you’ve just met.
Platforms: iOS, Android.
First impressions: Keeping in touch with people you’ve just met has many steps. inTooch will help you send an invite through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google. Just select which details you want to share (business vs. personal) on that network. The user receiving your invite does not need to use inTooch and can still send back their info. Cool.

Pro HDR: Professional iPhoneography 

4) The app: Pro HDR

Cost: $1.99
Use it: In-app HDR capture allows you to balance the light in your photographs between the dark and light areas, eliminating most exposure issues. Photo library support allows you to make high dynamic range images.
Platforms: iOS, Android.
First impressions: Delivers more professional-looking mobile shots on top of whatever HDR technology your phone may already use, if any. Wow your followers on Instagram and Facebook.


Cue: Increase your productivity

5) The appCue

Cost: Free
Uses: This intelligent productivity app stitches together your contact lists, calendars and email accounts from all the usual suspects (e.g., Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, etc). Select utilities can be added via in-app purchase (e.g., Salesforce). It generates a more holistic view of your day – perfect for the power  user of many cloud-based services (sorry, Microsoft).
Platform: iOS.
First impressions: Integrating related pieces of information just got a whole lot easier since this app pulls in content from multiple social channels and media companies whose services we often rely upon daily.

perfectly clear

Perfectly Clear: Photo correction

6) The appPerfectly Clear – Photo Correction (Automatic), a photo editing app.
Cost: $2.99
Use it: Correct photos by choosing from 12 automatic corrections in order to pop up the vibrancy of the image, reduce muddiness, sharpen it, or even remove the pesky purple haze created by shooting into the sun.
Platforms: iOS, Android.
First Impressions: Intuitive, powerful editing options including image sizing. Save edited photos to your phone’s album. Post directly to Facebook, Twitter, or email.

over app

Over: Viral-ready DIY content

7) The appOver
Cost: $1.99
Uses: Generate DIY content that is more viral-ready. This photo editing app allows you to add très stylish typography to your shot so the image speaks volumes. It should come in handy for uploading mobile shots to your Facebook page, or for use on other channels such as Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. For bloggers, add words to a tutorial or a craft-making how-to guide.
Platform: iOS
First impressions: Publishing content that also looks appealing has never been easier to do. Over lets you make your image stand out. It comes with a rich set of fonts and plenty of add-on options.


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