Five Types of Tweets Nonprofits Should Never Post on Twitter (via nonprofit tech 2.0)

If your nonprofit is not getting retweeted on Twitter, then you haven’t yet found your Twitter voice. Retweets ensure increased exposure of your nonprofit’s avatar which ultimately results in more followers and click-through rates. Twitter itself has concurred that influence on Twitter is not in how many followers you have, but rather in how often you get retweeted. You have to give your followers retweetable tweets! That said, as a follow-up to Five Types of Nonprofit Tweets Guaranteed to Get Retweeted, below are  five types of tweets that rarely, if ever, get retweeted:

1. Truncated automated tweets from Facebook.
Sorry nonprofits. There’s no short cuts in social media. Folks on Twitter don’t want to follow robots. They want to know there’s a human being behind your avatar.


2. Automated tweets announcing new photos posted on Facebook.
Who hasn’t seen this tweet many, many times on Twitter? No longer interesting and definitely not retweet worthy.


3. Tweets with too many hashtags.
Tweets with more than two hashtags result in a drop in engagement and become much less likely to be retweeted.


4. Poorly formatted tweets.
Spell correctly,  don’t abbreviate, use proper grammar and punctuation, never use all CAPS, and always include a link.

projectkarma copy

5. Tweets with semicolons.
It’s true. I have tested it. Semicolons don’t get retweeted, however a tweet with a colon before a link does.


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