Sesame Street Is First Non-Profit With 1 Billion YouTube Views (via mashable)

If you know anything about Sesame Street’s Count von Count, it’s that he loves to count.

In Sesame Street’s latest YouTube upload, the number-loving Muppet is counting the TV show’s YouTube channel views. And for a good reason: Sesame Street has just become the first non-profit YouTube channel to hit 1 billion views.

The Count’s video, released Wednesday, is called “Counting the ‘You’s in YouTube.” He also contributed a guest blog post to the YouTube blog on the number zero.

For YouTube, this milestone signifies the power of Internet video in education.

“Access to educational video used to be restricted to whatever tapes or DVDs happened to be in the library or at home. Now high-quality, entertaining, and informative content is available on demand wherever there’s an Internet connection,” Caitlin Hendrickson, YouTubeEDU strategic partnership manager, told Mashable. “As a result, education is one of the fastest-growing content categories on YouTube and Sesame Street is at the forefront of this growth. Reaching 1 billion channel views is proof of their outstanding leadership in this space and their creative use of YouTube.”

View the full post on Mashable here>>

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