New Data Supports the Case for More Twitter Automation (via hubspot’s inbound marketing blog)

A glance over the top Twitter users reveals an interesting pattern. Most of them are celebrities, well known media outlets, or sports teams. Every single account in the top few hundred most followed Twitter users is famous outside of Twitter. They didn’t get into the top lists because of their Twitter behavior; they got there because they’re famous.

But a handful of accounts break this rule. For example, @OMGFacts has 5.3 million followers, @BreakingNews has 5.2 million, @NoteBook has 4.1 million, @CarrollTrust has 3.8 million, and @WhatTheFFacts has 3.2 million. They don’t belong to previously famous entities, so how did they get so many followers? The answer is automation of high quality content. (Yes, the content still has to be high quality!)

All of the non-famous accounts in the first few hundred of the top Twitter users are essentially automated, robotic content distribution services.

The Role of Automation in Twitter Marketing Success

To understand the role marketing automation can play in your Twitter success, let’s look at some data drawn from research I conducted for my upcoming webinar, The Science of Marketing Automation. First up is an analysis of tweets-per-day of millions of accounts compared to the number of followers those accounts have. You’ll notice that followers peaks at around 22 tweets-per-day. That’s a whole lot of tweeting and hard (or at the very least, annoying) to do completely manually.

Next, let’s look at the effect of specific kinds of tweets, namely links. When you break Twitter users into two buckets, those with more than 1,000 followers (the orange bar) and those with fewer than 1,000 followers (the black bar), and analyze the percentage of their tweets that do not start with an “@” sign but contain a link, you find that highly followed accounts tweet more links.

Lastly, let’s perform a similar analysis of link percentages and retweets (whereas the above graph looked at links and followers). Here we find that accounts that tweet between 60% and 80% links tend to get the most retweets.

Read the full blog post at HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Blog here>>

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