How to Bring Integrated Marketing to Life for Your Nonprofit (via npENGAGE –

For years agencies and nonprofits have been preaching about integrated marketing.

Some of the most effective integrated organizations that we know are those that have a dedicated human resource to ensure integration is happening. An integrated marketing manager is responsible for ensuring that opportunities for integration are taking place throughout the organization; in every email, classic direct response, event or in social media — where are the points of connections.

That person is all-seer, an all-doer, and they will often report across teams. One of the biggest barriers to integration is that teams are focused only on what they are doing, and they don’t have time to learn about what others are doing. By dedicating a resource to this role, you can ensure opportunities for integration are not missed. If you can’t afford a dedicated resource, make this part of someone’s job role at your organization (maybe yours!).

Here are some tools (some fairly complex) that we use to ensure integrated marketing success:

  • An integrated calendar that captures major marketing, fundraising, program and communication touch points throughout the year.
  • An integrated donor plan that shows how a donor is stewarded and upgraded through multiple channels throughout their life cycle.
  • A robust database of record that is the central hub for all constituent relationship information.

Click here to visit npENGAGE, learn more about integrated marketing, and check out 5 steps to get started today!

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