How to Use Negative Feedback on Facebook to Improve Your Content Strategy (via Beth’s Blog –

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Facebook recently made a change to the EdgeRank Algorithm that increased the importance of Negative Feedback.

Negative feedback on Facebook is when a user will hide, hide-all or unlike your content. Hiding content is like deleting an email without reading it or hitting the spam button.. Hiding-all is the equivalent of unsubscribing, and unliking closes the relationship entirely.  In Facebook’s reconfigured algorithm, content that has negative feedback from some users can cause it to be minimized or pulled from all news feeds.

While you are doing your analysis of what content got a lot of reach or shares, also take a look at what could be causing people to hide or unlike your content.  Are you posting too frequently? Try altering your schedule to add more space between your posts.  Are you asking for too much? Is your tone too self-promotional?  Compare post content to see what types cause hides or low engagement.

There are four types of negative feedback on Facebook ranging from undesirable, to worst for a marketer, starting with:

● Hide: hides a single specific post from the user’s newsfeed
● Hide All: hides all the posts by that page from the user’s newsfeed. This used to be known as “unsubscribing.”
● Unlike Page: “unfan” the page
● Report spam: user thinks your page is spam

I was curious if there some benchmark reports that look at negative feedback on Facebook for brand pages.   I found these statistics from PageLever referenced in this post from Fast Company last October, “Facebook Fans Are Hiding Your Content At An Alarming Rate

What they found was rather interesting: 98% of post views generate no negative feedback. But the other 2% of the time a fan responds with some form of negative feedback:

Results from the data:

  • 1 out of 50 post views gets a negative response
  • Facebook fans are most likely to block ALL your page stories when they take a negative feedback action, 60 times more likely than unfanning your page. Which means that just because your brand has a lot of fans doesn’t mean all those fans are seeing the page content. Some fans may have just hidden the page.
  • Fans are more likely to report a post as spam than to unlike the page.

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