6 Search Engines for Social Good (via Mashable)


1. Benelab

Founded by Seattle teenager Jack Kim during his freshman year of high school, Benelab donates 100% of it revenues to charity. The search engine is powered by Bing.

“Our mission is to make philanthropy easy and more accessible,” Kim told Mashable in June.

2. GoodSearch

Launched in 2005, GoodSearch helped pave the way for social-minded search engines. It donates 50% of revenues to charities and schools that users choose. It also includes GoodShop, a catalog of merchants that help support causes, and GoodDining, a year-round “dine out for charity” program.

GoodSearch, powered by Yahoo, garners an impressive 510,000 unique monthly visitors.

3. Search Kindly

Illinois-based non-profit Search Kindly donates one-third of a cent (e.g., one million users equals $12,000) to build mobile libraries for underserved schools every time someone visits the site. Users can also donate directly via PayPal.

Search Kindly users can search via Google, Yahoo, Bing and Wikipedia.

4. Sleedo

Sleedo’s slogan is “Feed the poor with every search you make!” The site regularly donates money raised from advertisers and sponsors to the World Food Programme for every search. The donations are based on the cost of 10 grains of rice per search.

5. EcoKey

EcoKey is an environmentally-oriented search engine that donates 40% of its revenue to litter removal organizations around the world.

Users can search through Google, and also opt in to the “eco filter,” which puts emphasis on green search results. For example, if you search for “dish soap,” you’ll get results for purchasing eco-friendly, sustainable dish soap.

6. Everyclick

Everyclick’s technology platform raises funds based on searches for more than 200,000 charities. To date, Everyclick has raised over £3 million (more than $4 million USD).

Everyclick Search is powered by Yahoo.

Imagine supporting good causes just by doing something you do every day — searching for information online. Now it’s completely possible, and all you need to do is use an alternate search engine that’s powered by your favorite search giant.

Various social-minded search engines are out there, donating money from advertising or sponsors to charities and other good causes. Whether it’s 100%, 50% or one-third of a cent from revenues, these sites raise money every time you hit “search.” It doesn’t cost you anything, and there’s no need to do anything differently, except of course, use these sites.

We’ve rounded up six search engines that give back — ones that help provide food to those who need it, build mobile libraries for underserved schools and give money to the cause you find most important.

Would you switch your homepage to one of these sites for social good? Let us know in the comments.

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