Indiegogo Expands International Crowdfunding Features (via Mashable)

Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform used to raise millions of dollars for thousands of campaigns around the world, announced several international expansions on Wednesday. The expansions, which include new currencies, languages and localized homepages, aim to provide more customized and efficient experiences for international users.

As of this week, campaigners and contributors using Indiegogo can raise and donate money in euros, pounds sterling and Canadian dollars. Between 2008, when the U.S.-based platform launched, and now, the U.S. dollar was the only accepted form of currency for campaigns, and users conducting transactions in other currencies were responsible for conversion. This would often cost them more in exchange rates, but the new currency system relieves European and Canadian users of that extra cost.

By the end of this month, the Indiegogo site will also be available in French and German, in addition to English, enabling residents of Germany, France and French-speaking Canadian provinces to view complete versions of in their primary languages. The new settings will be flexible, easily allowing users to toggle between languages.

In early 2013, Indiegogo will offer localized versions of the homepage and special search and discovery experiences for French, German and Canadian users to highlight local campaigns. For example, if you’re in France, your Indiegogo homepage will showcase more relevant content, including campaigns created in France and pitches written in French. Additionally, users will be able to write their campaign pitches in multiple languages, and based on browser settings, the descriptions will appear to viewers in their desired languages.

Click here to visit Mashable and learn more…

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