YouTube Launches Digital Thermometer for Non-Profits (via Mashable)


YouTube released Campaigns on Friday, its newest tool for non-profits looking to effectively communicate on the online video platform.

Drawing on the convention of the giant paper thermometer measuring the progress of fundraising projects, Campaigns are a digital way to track progress toward goals. On YouTube, these goals often come in the form of page views or increasing subscriber counts.

Campaigns consist of one or more videos with a thermometer graphic overlay, indicating the campaigns’ progress and encouraging viewers involvement. There is also a new Campaign tab, which shows up on the non-profit’s channel.

To use Campaigns, non-profits must be a part of the YouTube Non-Profit Program, which currently includes more than 18,000 organizations.

YouTube goes to great lengths to create valuable products for non-profits in its program. So far in 2012, the social video platform has launched a non-profit training program, released live-streaming events to non-profits first, created a prominent “donate” button and frequently improves its social good curricula.

Do you think Campaigns will be a helpful tool for non-profits? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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