3 Tips that Make Every Holiday Campaign Work (via Blackbaud’s NetwitsThinkTank)

By now many of you have been working on your end of year campaigns, but if you haven’t started planning the good news is you still have time to put a plan in place to maximize end of year giving.

Here are a few items to use in your end of year plan:
– Optimize Your Home Page for the Holidays
– Make Every Email Count
– Tap into your Constituents’ Network

Optimize Your Home Page for the Holidays

Share your goal! Goals are a part of our culture, whether its performance goals at work or personal goals we set for ourselves – they play a role in our daily lives.  Goals give us focus, something to achieve, and make us feel that we’re a part of something greater than ourselves.

Set a goal for your end of year campaign and prominently display it on your website.  It’s not enough to simply place a number on your website; connect it with the right message that empowers your constituents’ to take action.

Make Every Email Count

My favorite word for 2012 is SEGMENT!

Chances are it will be my favorite word for 2013.  My goal is talk about segments until everyone is properly segmenting their email lists (there’s that word goal again; it’s totally subconscious).  Our inboxes are bombarded everyday with emails, if you want people to read your email you need to provide them with information that speaks to their interests or their involvement with your organizations.

For example: a great segment is last year’s donors.

When creating the message to last year’s donors you’ll want to:

  • Acknowledge their gift and support last year
  • Share the impact their gift made in 2012
  • Look to 2013, how can they’re gift make a difference

Tap into your Constituents’ Network

Your constituents are your best spokespeople; use them!

Ask them to forward your email to a friend or share their support on Facebook.   Here’s another fun way to involve your constituents and it’s my Mom’s favorite.

For the past few years, my Mom has started making donations in our honor instead of giving us gifts.  It all started because she realized that she received fun swag after making her gift.  She’s still able to give us a gift, but the real gift is she donates to our favorite organizations. Thanks to Mom and her donations, I’m able to sport my favorite organization’s umbrella, water bottle, shopping tote, etc…

Looking for more ideas?  Check out Blackbaud’s Holiday Campaign Guide

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