Startling UNICEF Pinterest Campaign Turns Platform on its Head (via Mashable)



For many of us who have caught the Pinterest bug, the visual site is a place for giving into our deepest materialistic wants, by creating virtual wishlists of fashion, high-end devices, or home decor. 

A clever new Pinterest campaign from UNICEF, aiming to raise awareness for child poverty and the work of UNICEF, adds perspective to the aspiration-filled social network.

The fictional Pinterest profile of Ami Musa, created by UNICEF, features the less-than-luxurious desires of the 13-year-old girl from Sierra Leone, on a board called “Really want these.” Instead of scrumptious-looking dessert recipes, Musa has pinned an image of hands holding plain rice. Rather than an artfully tiled hot tub, Musa has pinned a rusty faucet.

“We wanted to shake things up a bit in a way that’s very specific to Pinterest, by taking what it’s known for — being a wishlist — and turning it on its head,” Jeremy Garner, executive creative director at Weapon7, the UK-based creative agency told Mashable. “It’s trying to use Pinterest in a way thats very thought provoking and poignant, since this girl is pinning the basic essentials of life.”

Each pin links to a page soliciting donations for UNICEF’s work providing clean drinking water, food and shelter to children in need throughout the world.

Would you notice these pins in your Pinterest stream? Let us know what you think of the campaign in the comments.

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