Can a Reddit Fundraising Platform Magnify the Internet’s Generosity? (via Mashable)

The amazing altruism of Redditors is clear through the laundry list of good deeds that have stemmed from the network. From raising $600,000 for a bullied bus monitor to powering the TV dreams of disabled comedian Zach Anner, a lot of good happens because of Reddit.

“The Front Page of the Internet” is a town hall of sorts, where concerned citizens can discuss problems, rally support and provide solutions. Recognizing the platform’s power, payment startups Dwolla and Stripe have teamed up to help amplify moments of good on the Internet. The tech duo launched Reddit Donate this week, after working on it as a “side passion project.”

Reddit Donate is a free fundraising platform created to promote social good. The system guarantees more safety and lower costs in regards to online donations. Similarly with most Internet payment systems, getting money from point A to point B costs a fee. With Reddit Donate, donations under $10 will be free and go straight to the cause. Donations more than $10 will cost 25 cents per transaction to complete.

“We took a good honest look at what we could actually do to as a solution to help some of these subreddits to funnel some of their good will and energy,” Dwolla’s Director of Communications Jordan Lampe tells Mashable.

To kick-start the initiative, Reddit Donate has welcomed 12 progressive non-profits to share the stage with them. Non-profits on board, campaigning for various cases, include the CFY benefitting low-income children, Pencils of Promise and Charity:Water. They will be able to directly campaign and collect money on

Reddit Donate also introduces an embeddable fundraising button, which can be added directly to subreddits.

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Reddit is very much like a switchboard connecting members and directing charitable action. Instead of using third-party fundraising platform, moderators of subreddits can offer users a safe, direct channel to donate money. Users will know exactly where their money is going. All subreddit moderators and non-profits are analyzed and approved by the system.

This lessens the probability of fraud or money going to false causes, Lampe says. Moderators, after being approved, will receive a manual code from Reddit Donate to embed into a sub-channel.

“Subreddits can take that entrepreneurial approach … and not have to worry about whether they’re leading their community into bad donations,” Lampe says.

By safeguarding donors against possible scams, Dwolla and Stripe’s development teams hope to instill confidence in Reddit’s do-gooders.

“Every dollar does count, but when you start thinking about what we can do with those dollars, pennies aren’t just fractions of a dollar anymore. They are multipliers of change,” Lampe says.

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