America’s Families Speak Out (via Allison Fine –

Suphatra Laviolette of the Margueritte Casey Foundation in Seattle reached out to me to tell me about their recent effort called America’s Families Speak Out. Here is what she said about it, “Last week we wrapped up a nationwide project, where we coordinated and trained low-income communities on how to use social media for online organizing. Our trainings focused on youth, but there was a range of ages. We trained in some of the poorest parts of the country, such as the border towns of South Texas, the deep South, and urban Chicago, on how to tweet on social issues and move messages across regions. For many participants, it was their first time using social media, and for many participating advocacy groups, it was their first time using social media to coordinate their members to advocate for social change.”

Here is the infographic Suphatra sent me about their effort:

What I love most about this effort is simply that it exists, meaning that a large, national foundation is investing in the use of social media for advocacy by the lowest income families in the country. Isn’t this exactly why we have foundations, to do unpopular work that would otherwise be overlooked or have no constituency to advocate for it?

Brava, Suphratra, and thanks for sharing!

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