10 Things Your Non-profit Home Page Must Have (via Network for Good)

Would you invite someone over to your home without taking some time to tidy up? A first impression is critical for winning over those who are interested in learning more about your cause. Before reaching out to supporters via email or social media, fundraisers need to make sure their online homes are inviting and easy on the eyes.

Here are ten ways all non-profits can improve their home pages:

  1. Something that tugs the heartstrings – an arresting image, a bold statement, the start of an incredible story
  2. A 2-second statement that sums up who you are and what you do so that anyone glancing at the page gets it right away
  3. Clear, intuitive navigation that is organized according to the brain of the people who come to your website and NOT your org chart
  4. A quick case or link to a case for why you’re THE organization to support and where the money goes
  5. A great email signup that entices people to provide you with their email address
  6. A big donate button for people ready to give
  7. A third-party endorsement (such as ratings from Charity Navigator,  or a testimonial from someone)
  8. Clean and simple design – say no to clutter!
  9. Links to your social media presence, such as Facebook or Twitter
  10. Your contact information, including email address, phone number and street address

Could your non-profit home page use a makeover? Find out how to make it shine in this free tutorial by Network for Good >> 

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